First moves supplemented with opening book that comes with Yaneuraou Shogi AI

Opening Book made public by Yaneurao is now used to explain ‘after the first move’

On the section of the site where I explain Shogi’s first moves, there is a summary page which tries to comprehend how the first few moves become various Shogi strategies. As you can guess, It is never possible to list up all possible moves. Even if its possible, a lot of hours must be spent on entering all those moves.

Recently, I noticed Shogi AI software author Yaneurao ( has been publishing the software’s opening book database as a part of his software.

Depends on the setting, first few moves the software makes are simply a look up of the data stored in the computer and it feels like very much human moves, Then once it can not find corresponding move in the database, it’s evaluation engine kicks in.

The application’s licensing term is under GPL V3. This means I can use the database for my site. This will make a nice complementing material to the summary page.

End result is this added site page. A lot of computation (Gathering of tons of computer vs computer game plays and evaluation on each moves to filter out ineffective/irrelevant moves) must be spent on generating these database. My gratitude for the author to make such resources available.

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